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Honda Miimo HRM 3000 Robotic Lawn Mower


Cost shown does not include installation.
Installation prices can vary depending on garden size, for more information please call us.

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A powerful machine recommended for those with areas up to 4,000m2. This top-end robotic mower from Honda features increased cutting capabilities and smartphone app connectivity. The cutting height is adjustable on the app, ranging from 20mm-60mm for a perfect finish. Miimo has sensors that detect obstacles like, pets, rocks, and trees, which alters its route effortlessly. Choosing this model gives you the flexibility of placing the docking station out of sight, due to Miimo 3000’s advanced navigation ability. Micro mulching blades deposit tiny grass clippings back into the soil that acts as a natural fertilizer for the lawn- as it starts to break down. A PIN operated ANTI-THEFT alarm sounds the moment Miimo is lifted off the ground, stopping the blades in the process, keeping children and pets safe.


Area capacity up to 4000 m²
Working capacity 170 m²/h
Maximum incline mowing area 25° / 47%
Maximum incline wire on slope 15° / 27%
Noise level guaranteed* 55 db(A)
Blade type 3 (Swing back type)
Cutting width 220 mm
Cutting height adjustment Electric from 20 to 60 mm
Battery type Li-ion 22.2V / 5.4Ah
Mowing time per charge 90 min
Charging time 45 min
Waterproofing IPX5
Smartphone application** Android and iOS
Docking station position Flexible
Boundary wire and pegs supplied
Length x width x height 710 mm x 550 mm x 301 mm
Weight 14 kg

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Additional information

Weight 13.8 kg
Dimensions 71 × 55 × 30.1 cm

Garden Size


Product Category

Robotic Mowers


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