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Henchman Small 135L Compact Wheelbarrow


Henchman heavy-duty 135L compact wheelbarrow.

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Our barrow is the perfect small, heavy-duty wheelbarrow for gardening and DIY. Move around soil or compost for your DIY landscaping project, collect hedge and plant clippings, or even logs and small branches while carrying out tree maintenance.

If you’re working on a project that involves shifting small or slightly heavy loads, then we’ve got the best small wheelbarrow for you.

Extra balance for the twin wheel wheelbarrow

Designed with balance in mind, meaning that you can carry loads with more control. You can transport what you need to with ease – no more accidental tipping! This extra stability also makes this wheelbarrow ideal for carrying heavier loads to push and tip.

A slim wheelbarrow for small spaces

Not everyone needs a large wheelbarrow. This 135L barrow is a small, heavy-duty narrow wheelbarrow that can move through even the most awkward areas, while being strong and durable. This small wheelbarrow is an excellent all-rounder for common garden and DIY jobs and can easily shift waste and tools while navigating a wide range of terrains.

A galvanised steel wheelbarrow for all seasons

As a small wheelbarrow for gardening, this barrow is manufactured with a galvanised steel and a polyethylene plastic tub. This is a heavy-duty plastic that’s easy to lift, manoeuvre and is non-corrodible – just what you need when working in British weather.


Length 137cm
Width 59cm
Depth 61cm
Capacity 135L

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