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Honda HRM 70 Live

Honda Miimo HRM 70 Live Robotic Lawnmower


Cost shown does not include installation.
Installation prices can vary depending on garden size, for more information please call us.

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If you like cutting grass, fine.
If not, there’s Miimo. No need to be involved at all because it intelligently follows the layout of any garden, quietly and finely cutting the grass so there are no unsightly clippings left behind. It’s so clever it even knows when to recharge itself.

The new Honda MIIMO 70 Live robotic lawn mower effortlessly and efficiently cuts your grass, so you don’t have to. It’s hard to believe that such a small product can work so incredibly hard, but it’s true. What are you waiting for? A life of total relaxation awaits you, all you need to do now is decide what you’re going to do with all your free time.

It couldn’t be easier to get started, simply plug and play! So simple to set up you can do it yourself. No need to incur extra costs getting someone to do it for you. It comes with all the information and instructions that you need and Honda have designed it to be easy to operate.

With a cutting width of 190mm and 3 manual cutting heights from 30mm to 50mm it is compact and versatile. It weighs just 8kg and is small enough to fit in the tightest corner of your shed. Compact and efficient it can get into smaller areas easily to ensure it can mow all areas of your garden with the greatest of ease.

The Honda Miimo 70 LIVE robot lawnmower will quickly become a part of your family, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you started referring to it as simply “Miimo”. You’ll never need to mow the lawn again, “Miimo” will do that for you. Quiet, dependable and trouble-free, you’ll soon wonder how you ever Lived without your new robotic lawn mower.

Honda has designed the MIIMO 70 to cope with any situation it may face in your garden. Ideal for gardens up to around 700 m2 in size it can even cope with slopes of up to 15’ thanks to its incredible level of traction and grip. If your lawn suffers from holes or divets then don’t despair; the ultra-reliable Honda MIIMO 70 Live robotic lawnmower is fitted with rapid reaction lift sensors so it will never get stuck in a hole or on uneven ground.

Connectivity is at the heart of Honda’s design. It won’t suffer from interference from other electrical devices in the area and will follow your commands precisely. This outstanding robotic lawn mower from Honda is completely autonomous. It simply follows the layout of your garden with absolutely no input from you. It simply works off a perimeter boundary wire held in place by wire pegs, all of which are supplied as standard (175m of wire and 240 pegs).

It begins by mapping your entire lawn, then calculating its size before creating a bespoke mowing calendar. Thanks to its Smart Timer, it will allow for changes in the weather and the speed at which your grass grows – and even stay in its base during heavy rain to avoid damage.

With the ability to cut in a logical pattern, Small Miimo can cut stripes into your lawn quickly and efficiently and for those small spaces which Small Miimo has been unable to reach, such as garden furniture areas, Place & Mow allows you to cut specific small sections with ease. With the Mii-Monitor App, you can see how often Small Miimo plans to mow and make adjustments at any time. You can even control Small Miimo with your voice, as Small Miimo now works with Amazon Alexa*

If you’re concerned about slopes in your garden, this Miimo is able to cut on slopes up to 9 degrees with its high level of traction and grip. Thanks to its rapid reaction lift sensors, it will never get stuck in a hole or uneven ground.

There is no need to worry about safety as Miimo has 360 degree bump sensors. This means it will automatically stop its blades when it detects it’s being picked up and will automatically turn away from garden obstacles and pets.


More Information
Brand Honda
Power Source Cordless / Battery
Power Details Li-ion 18V/2.5Ah
Transmission Self Drive
Starting Method Switch/Button/Bar
Design Robotic
Cutter Deck Polymer
Cutting Width 19 cm
Cutting Heights 30 – 50 mm
Propulsion Robotic
Collector N/A
Noise Value – Sound Power Level dB(A) 62
Weight 8 kg
Warranty 5 Year Domestic
Other Features Supplied with 175 m boundary wire and 240 pegs

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