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Husqvarna Automower 315 II Robotic Lawnmower


Cost shown does not include installation.
Installation prices can vary depending on garden size, for more information please call us.

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An advanced 4-wheeled robotic mower for larger and more complex grass areas. Suitable for medium sized areas up to 1500 m² and can also handle slopes with an incline of 40%. Smart technology adapts the amount of mowing to the lawn’s growth rate, enables spot mowing of a limited area of longer grass and guides the mower through narrow passages. The intuitive menu system on the large, user-friendly display allows personal settings for when you’d like the machine to mow. Snap-covers in different colours are available as options.

Husqvarna’s Automower® 315 is quiet and efficient. It can operate 24 hours a day and is also weatherproof, so it can cut your grass as frequently as you wish. A PIN code lock and anti-theft alarm aids security, and lift and tilt sensors (shutting off the blades if the mower is tipped up or lifted) ensure this fantastic little mower is a safe addition to your garden.

Connect @ HOME for easy control with a smartphone

Manages slopes – up to 40%

Impressive cutting result – resulting from the free movement pattern of Husqvarna Automower® sharp blades moving in all directions

Weather timer – Adjusts to allow the Automower® to mow more during periods of strong grass growth

Low noise – a unique and quiet cutting system

Unique cutting system – cutting a little but often ensure a healthy, well maintained lawn

Settings panel – With the settings panel the mower can be personalized to fit many different gardens and preferences

Timer – You decide how often and when you want Automower® to mow the lawn

Automatic charging – When Automower® needs a re-charge it takes itself back to the charging station

Anti-theft alarm – for maximum security

Spot cutting – to mow a limited area of longer grass (eg under a garden bench). Switch to spot cut mode and once the mower has finished it will revert to automatic mode

Easy height adjustment – cutting height adjustment involves turning one large knob

Lift & Tilt sensors – If Automower® is lifted off the ground or tips over it automatically stops cutting

Automatic passage handling – senses narrow passages and finds its way even whilst varying its route to avoid unpleasant tracks

Low energy consumption – Efficient energy management means low energy consumption

Guide wire – The guide wire helps the mower find its way back to the charging station, useful for large or complex gardens

PIN code lock – to increase security

Weather proof – Automower® can be outside in all weathers and is built to withstand the cold

Working area capacity (±20) 1,500 m²
Maximum slope performance at boundary 15 %
Maximum slope performance inside installation 40 %
Max active time 24 h
Search system Triplesearch
Follow guide 1
Charging system Automatic
Overall dimensions
Weight 9.4 kg
Product size length 57 cm
Product size width 43 cm
Product size height 25 cm
Product Data
Colour Grey
Sound level perceived 60 dB(A)
Protection index (IP Code) IPX5
Battery type Lithium Ion
Battery capacity 2.1 Ah
Charging current 1.3 A
Typical mow time on one charge 70 min
Typical charging time 60 min
Mean energy consumption at maximum use 10 kWh
Mean energy consumption at maximum use 1,500 m²
Cutting System
Cutting system 3 pivoting razor blades
Cutting height max 50 mm
Cutting height min 20 mm
Cutting width 22 cm
Cutting height adjustment Manual
Skid plate Yes
Dual cutting direction Yes
User Interface Keypad and display/App
Display MonoChrome Graphical Display 2,8”
Connectivity Bluetooth®
App controlled Automower® Connect@Home
Smart Home integration No
Firmware Update Dealer Service
GPS Theft tracking No
PIN code Yes
Alarm Yes
Lift sensor Yes
Tilt sensor Yes
Ultrasonic sensor No

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