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Chinese New Year 2024

Please note you must be over 18 to purchase them – we may ask for ID.

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Not too familiar with the range of fireworks available?  See our Buyers Guide below for details of each firework type and what to expect.


If you’ve never set a firework off in your life, then you probably aren’t familiar with the many different types available. Here is a quick run-down of what you can expect from each type.

Selection boxes: 

Like a set menu, buying one of these will give you a selection of fireworks made up of different types, meaning you have everything you need for a great display. These can also be a cheaper option as they have a smaller price tag compared to buying each item separately. 

Cakes and candles:

In short, these are the noisy ones that create the theatrical crackles, pops and colours. Each one is loaded with balls that fire out one at a time creating a star shape in the sky in a series of colours. 


Probably the most appealing type of firework you can buy, rockets offer maximum entertainment by firing high into the sky creating that classic spark shower we are all familiar with. Every display needs at least one rocket!


Simple, cheap and loads of fun, sparklers are the easiest way to create some magic on Bonfire Night. Each stick burns for just under a minute and you should always wear gloves when holding one to avoid burning! 


An extremely popular choice, barrages are pre-packed units containing several different types of fireworks all set off with a single ignition. This removes the annoying pauses that are caused by having to individually ignite each firework, which makes the display far more impressive for the audience, and easier for you! 

Always use fireworks with care!

You must be 18 and over to purchase fireworks – we may ask you for ID 

Fireworks are fun and enjoyable, however, they can be very dangerous.

We strongly encourage our customers to follow the current guidelines for safe usage:

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