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EGO BA2800E 5 Ah Battery

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EGO POWER+ 5 Ah Battery, a powerful battery for EGO machinery.

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This battery is for use with any EGO machine. Depending on the product, on a single charge, you can mow up to 800sqm, line trim up to 140 minutes, hedge trim up to 150 minutes, saw up to 300 cuts or leaf blow up to 200 minutes. The innovative arc shape combats overheating, and maximise run time so you can keep going for longer.


  • Fuel Gauge shows the battery’s remaining power level
  • Robust outer casing to protect the battery if accidentally dropped
  • Innovative arc-shaped design to lower the temperature across the battery
  • Unique KEEP COOL? technology to maintain performance by preventing overheating
  • Power Management System prevents over-discharging and extends battery life.
Capacity: 280WH/5.0AH
Charge times Rapid charger: 40 minutes:Standard charger: 100 Minutes
Weight 2.2 kg

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