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Honda HHB36BXB Cordless Leaf Blower


Honda HHB36BXB, quiet yet powerful cordless leaf blower.

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The Honda HHB36BXB cordless blower offers the best balance of power and lightweight operation. The fully variable speed control ensures ease of use and efficient use of battery capacity. The brushless motor provides superior performance and a longer motor run time.

Lightweight construction
• Variable speed control
• Round nozzle

• Remove leaves from lawn
• Remove leaves between plants & beds
• Remove leaves from paved surfaces, driveways or sidewalks

• Simple & easy to handle, powerful & low maintenance
• Extended use to non-garden areas

Battery are charger sold separately.

Covered by Honda’s cast-iron warranty of 5 years’ domestic cover and 1 year of professional cover.

Model HHB36BXB
Weight (without battery) [KG] 2.9
Max air volume (Round nozzle) [M³/H] 780 620 780 780
Max air speed (Round nozzle) [KM/H] 200 200 248 200
Guaranteed sound power level [DB(A)] 98 92 91 98
Vibration level [M/S²] 2.5 2.5 ? 2.5
Run time 2Ah battery (MINS) Full: 6 / Low: 35
Run time 4Ah battery (MINS) Full: 11 / Low: 75
Run time 6Ah battery (MINS) Full: 18 / Low: 110


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