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Okatsune Heavy Duty Snips

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The Okatsune 207 heavy duty thinning snips, perfect for maintenance pruning.

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The Okatsune 207 are heavy duty but lightweight (120 g) thinning snips.

The pointed razor-sharp blades with their thickness of 3.3 mm are strong enough to cut small branches, and at the same time thin enough to penetrate deep into the bush. This allows you to simply make a clean cut at the most difficult places to reach, without damaging surrounding stems.

These snips are also perfect for all the maintenance on your bonsai, like candle pruning, style pruning and maintenance pruning. In addition, these snips are well suited to cutting flowers because of their razor-sharp and pointed blades.

Total Length: 190 mm
– Blade length: 45 mm
– Weight: 120 g
– Blade thickness: 3.3 mm

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