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Henchman HMT180.1 1.8m (6ft) Platform Tripod Ladder 1 Adjustable Leg


A lightweight and stable 1.8m (6ft) tripod platform ladder with one adjustable leg for working safely at heights.

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Henchman’s 1 Leg Adjustable Tripod Ladder is ideal for working at height on slightly sloping and flat ground, either indoors or outdoors. The rear leg can be adjusted to allow for slight slopes in the direction that the ladder is facing and so long as all three feet are in contact with the ground the ladder won’t wobble.

The 1 Leg Adjustable Tripod Ladder also features a 7 inch/18cm deep platform rung designed to make standing more comfortable while you work. The platform rung always sits at the top 3ft / 0.9m of the ladder’s full height, no matter what size your ladder is, and it allows you to tuck your knees into the frame. This gives extra stability and it stops you from hurting your shins on the rung above whilst working.

Made from premium, lightweight aluminium, the wide clawed feet are designed to grip firmly into soft ground when the ladder is being used outside. All ladders are tested by British Standards Institution (BSI) to conform to BS EN 131-2:2010+A2:2017.

Model – GWF180
Total Height – 6′ (1.8m)
Maximum safe standing height – 3′ (0.9m)
Material – Alumimum
Weight – 6kg

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Weight 6 kg

Product Category

Tripod Ladders

SKU HMT180.1

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