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Henchman HMT360.1 3.6m (12ft) Platform Tripod Ladder 1 Adjustable Leg


A lightweight and stable 3.6m (12ft) tripod platform ladder with one adjustable leg for working safely at heights.

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Our 1 leg adjustable tripod ladder provides a safe solution for both inside and outside tasks. Its unique design is perfectly suited for flat or slightly sloping terrain.

The Henchman 1 Adjustable Leg tripod ladder model can be safely used on flat or slightly sloping ground. The rear leg of the ladder can be individually adjusted to counteract slopes or steps, allowing you to work on your project safely and comfortably for longer periods of time. The ladder’s three feet keep you stable as long as all feet are touching the ground.

If you are working on uneven terrain, then take a look at the Fully Adjustable Tripod. Try our Fully Adjustable PRO if you plan on transporting the ladder to different projects often. If you’re unsure about which ladder you need, then contact our team today.

A ladder for both indoor and outdoor projects

Our ladders aren’t just for gardens. With the rubber feet, our Henchman 1 Leg Adjustable Ladder has fantastic grip on hard, flat surfaces, providing greater grip. It’s very lightweight which makes it easy to manoeuvre from room to room, and the rubber feet won’t leave any marks on delicate floors.

A lightweight, adjustable ladder

Our 1 adjustable leg tripod ladder has a starting weight of just 6kg – it’s our lightest ladder available! It’s great for moving around your garden as and when you need to, and the rear leg can be adjusted up to 6 inches (15cm) on the 6ft and 8ft Tripods or up to 12 inches (30cm) for the 10ft and 12ft versions.

The 1 Adjustable Leg Ladder can be folded away in seconds and stored both in and outdoors.

Work hands free with our unique platform

The 1 Adjustable Leg Ladder comes with a 7”/18cm platform rung that sits at the top 3ft of your ladder’s full height, no matter the size you have. You can stand comfortably on the platform without hitting your knees on the rung above and lean into the guard rail, keeping you safe when using tools that require two hands to hold.

The new design features are:

  • The back leg is secured with our new hedge-proof locking pin to give fast and ergonomic adjustment
  • The back leg has increased strength and rigidity – the reengineered leg is 15% stronger
  • Up to 35° of incline/decline variability when facing a slope
  • Improved platform – the ladder platform is now deeper to provide more leg room, and the higher guardrail feels more secure when leaning against it

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