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Okatsune thinning secateurs

Okatsune Thinning Secateurs 45mm

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The Okatsune 304 thinning secateurs with a long blade suitable for soft stems.

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The Okatsune 304 thinning secateurs are very light and razor-sharp floral snips with a long blade (45 mm) specially designed for picking flowers, and herbs, and deadheading.

The pointed, extremely thin blades (2.3 mm) ensure that you can reach even the tightest spaces.

The Okatsune 304 is not suitable for cutting hard (woody) stems. For this purpose you can better use the Okatsune 307 or 207.

– Total length: 190 mm
– Blade length: 45 mm
– Weight: 110 g
– Blade thickness: 2.3 mm

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