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Honda HHT36BXB Cordless Lawn Trimmer


Honda HHT36BXB easy to use cordless lawn trimmer.

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The Honda HHT36BXB lawn trimmer is designed for trimming edges, cutting around more tricky areas of the garden and can even cut down some larger shrubbery.  It features a fully adjustable handle to optimise balance and a variable speed trigger to give you complete control to adjust the speed to your needs.  A folding plant protector can bu used to shield plants and flowers when trimming.

This low maintenance machine is quiet to operate and low vibration. It comes with a bump feed nylon head and it is easy to replace the nylon line.  A harness is included.

• Fully adjustable handle
• Variable speed trigger
• Superior cutting mechanism

• Trim edges
• Cut down larger areas
• Cut around obstacles

Battery and charger available separately.

Comes with Honda’s cast iron warranty of 5 Years for domestic use and 1 year for professional use.

Model HHT36BXB
Weight (without battery) [KG] 3.3
Cutting system Quiet line
Cutting specification (MM) 2.4 x 330
Handle Type Loop
Weather Protection IPX1
Guaranteed sound power level (DB(A)) 91
Vibration level [M/S²] 6.6
Run time 2Ah battery (MINS) 16
Run time 4Ah battery (MINS) 40
Run time 6Ah battery (MINS) 55

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