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Stihl HL-KM 145° 24'' KombiTool

Stihl HL-KM 145° 20″ Long Reach Hedge Trimmer KombiTool

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Stihl HL-KM 145° adjustable 20″ long-reach hedge trimmer KombiTool.

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Stihl HL-KM 145° adjustable 20” long-reach hedge trimmer, for demanding work on high hedges and use close to the ground. Adjustment mechanism that can be set in increments, space-saving carrying position, bar length: 50 / 60 cm, total length: 148 / 158 cm.

Only suitable for loop handle KombiEngines.

Recommended KombiEngines: KM 111 R, KMA 130 R.

Technical data Value
Tool Adjustable long-reach hedge trimmer
Overall length cm 148 / 158
Blade length cm 50 / 60
Recommended KombiEngine KM 111 R / KMA 130 R

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SKU: ST42437405003

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