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Benefits of robotic mowers


Once installed, your robotic lawn mower will cut your grass automatically, without requiring any intervention from you unless you wish to change the cutting schedule or settings.

During the mowing season virtually no maintenance is needed. There are no batteries to charge as your robotic mower will take itself back to its dock when the battery gets low to re-charge before continuing with its schedule. And power consumption is very low and will only add around £10-£40 (depending on the size of your model) to your annual electricity bill – so much cheaper than a petrol mower.

There are no grass clippings to dispose of as your robotic mower will mow often and drop the very fine clippings as it goes. They are so small you won’t be able to see them on the grass.

No more cutting, raking, and scarifying. You can configure your robotic mower via a control panel to adjust cutting height, frequency and duration so that you can tailor the look of your lawn. Some models can also be controlled via a smartphone or tablet using an app.  And they can cut in the rain, so you never miss out on your mowing schedule!

If you previously had a ride-on mower you will also regain that storage space in your garage or shed.

Low Maintenance

No oil or filters to change or fuel to drain out at the end of the season. To clean your robotic mower just give it a monthly once-over on the underside with a stiff brush followed by a wipe over with a damp cloth (cleaning kits are available). The blades may need replacing during the season which is a simple job and the blades are inexpensive.

The batteries typically last for about 500 charge cycles and the frequency of replacement will depend on how often your mower is scheduled to run and for how long. However, when it does come time to change the battery this is a 5 minute job that simply involves unscrewing a hatch and switching batteries.

At the end of the growing season it’s a good idea to pop your robotic mower in for a service, where it is hooked up for electronic diagnostic testing to check for deterioration of any components and any software updates. Any required parts can then be replaced, and your machine cleaned and the battery fully charged ready for winter storage. We offer a service package that includes secure winter storage, spring home re-start and cable check.

Kind to the environment

No fumes to damage the environment. And no annoying cables if you previously had an electric mower!  No noise as robotic mowers are very quiet. In fact some are so quiet they can be set to mow overnight without disturbing the neighbours.

They are kind to insects. As they feed your lawn as they mow there is no need to add any chemical feed.  It will be fertilised naturally by mulching the very fine grass clippings back into the grass.

Robotic mowers are powered by lithium-ion batteries that are charged from your mains electricity.  Mains electricity is generated much more efficiently than the power for a traditional mower, and as an increasingly higher percentage is supplied from renewable sources robotic mowers will become even more environmentally friendly. Switching to a battery machine can help to lower your carbon footprint.

Robotic mowers use very little electricity during operation as they move slowly and tend to have very small blades

Healthier and better looking lawn

No need to take the time to manually feed and weed your lawn during the growing season. Your robotic mower will help you to fertilise your grass as its cuts so that it looks vibrant and green. It does this mowing frequently rather than once a week, so that the clippings are very small and then they are chopped finely and scattered on the lawn so that the nutrients are returned to the soil.

As robotic mowers are small and nimble they can access awkward corners of your lawn that a larger mower may not be able to reach. This means they can tackle complex gardens, and can also manage slopes up to 35 degrees (and you can even get 4 wheel drive machines) allowing all of your lawn to  be cared for.

This means the whole of your lawn will look freshly cut all the time, and weeds and moss never get the chance to grow.


Traditional lawn mowers have large and fast blades that can catch and flick stones or debris out from under the mower potentially causing damage to the operator or even to property (think green houses, patio doors). You also run the risk of potential injury when unclogging and clearing blades whiles the engine is running but the blades are off.

In contrast, a robotic mower has surprisingly tiny blades that are fully enclosed. Should your mower been lifted or tilted the sensors ensure the blades immediately stop. Although small children should be kept away from a robotic mower, there is far less opportunity for inquisitive youngsters to hurt themselves.

Robotic mowers are so quiet that for complete safety you can schedule your mower to run at night when no-one will be using the garden, or you can schedule it when the children are at school. When not in use the mower stays safely tucked away in its dock at the edge of the lawn.


Most robotic models have standard safety features such as a PIN to turn them on and alarm system, lift and tilt sensors and bump sensors to ensure that the robot itself is not interfered with or stolen while in operation, or while charging.

The majority of models (not all) have mobile app connection which sends you messages, alerts and notifications to warn you if someone is misusing the robotic mower  or using it when they shouldn’t be. Some models also have remote gps tracking.

More time for yourself

As you can see, all of these features will save you lots of time, especially if you have a larger lawn/lawns. More time for yourself is hard to put a value on but it’s worth a lot.

Your lawn will always have a fresh cut look to it due to frequent mowing and will be greener and healthier. You can come back to your lawn after being away knowing that it will be cut and looking just as good as when you left – with no effort from you!

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