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Robotic Mower Installation – What Happens

We can install your robotic mower for you, or you can purchase an installation kit and do it yourself.  You will need to install both the docking station and the perimeter wire. Here is a run through of what is involved to help you make a decision.

It is really important to take your time with the installation to ensure that the guide wire is accurately placed, so that you get the best cutting results possible.

  1. Preparation

The first job is to prepare the lawn by making sure it is clear of any debris, toys, tools, etc. You then need to give the grass a cut with a regular mower to get it nice and short ready for installing the perimeter wire. The grass should be no longer than 10mm.

  1. Plan the layout of the perimeter wire

Firstly, decide on the best location for your charging station. It should be flat, easily accessed from all angles and near to a power outlet.  Then think about the best course for the perimeter wire to take around the garden, making sure you create islands with it around obstacles that you want the robotic mower to avoid, such as flower beds.

  1. Position your station and lay the perimeter wire

You need to lay the perimeter wire at a reasonable distance from the edge of where you wish your robotic mower to cut.  The wire can be laid completely flat on the ground (which is why the grass needs to be cut short before installation) and the grass will soon grow up around it, or can be inserted into a slit in the ground. If we are installing, we have a machine that automatically inserts it into the ground. Once you have done this, ensuring you create the islands around the non-mow areas, you are ready to set your robotic mower up.

  1. Charge and programme your robotic mower

Position your robotic mower into the charging station and allow it to fully charge before you start to use it (it takes around 1-2 hours depending on the model).  Once it has reached a minimum of 50% charge you can start to programme it, entering the settings you want for cutting times, frequency, cutting height, etc.

  1. Let your robotic mower take over the mowing!

Now sit back, relax and let your robotic mower take over all of your lawn mowing duties!

It will be fine living outside during the mowing season but should there be any extreme weather conditions (heat or cold) then it is a good idea to bring it in, as over an extended period the mower will start to show signs of wear and tear.

You can also purchase houses/sun canopies to generally protect them from the elements to extend their life.

End of season care

Once the mowing season is over your robotic mower will need to be over-wintered somewhere that isn’t damp and where it is protected from extreme cold (which is bad for the battery). This should be done before the first frost.

Fully charge your mower and then remove it and the charging station from the garden. This is the ideal time to book it in for a service (link to servicing page). We also offer a package of service, over-winter storage, spring home re-start and cable check.

If you take good care of your little robot it will last you many, many years!

If you would like to talk to us about installation, please call 01256 851166 or fill in our contact form

You can also book a free Lawn Assessment, Recommendation and Quote if you live within a 25 mile radius of RG26 5QW.

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