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How do robotic mowers work?

Robotic lawnmowers are actually not a new idea and they first came to market about 20 years ago. The early versions were solar powered, and the next generation followed a guide wire to enable them to mow a larger area.

Their big advantage is convenience. They can be left outside during the mowing season and can withstand the elements, they re-charge themselves, and they are designed to maintain your lawn quickly and efficiently in a way that suits your lifestyle.

In a nut shell, the premise is that they cut little and often (around 2-3mm each time) so keeping your lawn in tiptop shape, reducing moss and fertilising the lawn with the short, unobtrusive clippings left behind.

They work by use a simple mapping system. A boundary wire is set into the lawn and is covered by the grass. When the mower detects a wire it changes direction in a random pattern to ensure it doesn’t leave tracks in the grass.

Robotic mowers move slowly and they have a collision sensor so that if they bump into something they turn around. More advanced models use a radar sensor to spot obstacles before they bump into them.

Most robotic mowers have a random-mow system. They mow in a straight line until they reach a boundary wire or obstacle, at which point they turn and head off in a different direction, eventually covering the entire lawn. Whilst doing this, they will take themselves back for a re-charge as and when needed.

More advanced models come with GPS systems that can be used to set up a detailed mowing plan with set routes and patterns. Some come with an app that lets you monitor the mower and schedule cutting times, while others have a manual control panel on the machine itself.

They are also protected from theft with PIN codes and alarm systems that activate if the mower is interfered with without the PIN being entered. More advanced models even include a geofence. If taken outside a specific GPS area, the alarms will sound continuously, the machine will lock itself down and the mower will send tracking data back to the app, allowing you to find and hopefully recover it.

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