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Buckler Boots came up with a simple solution: focus on designing and producing the highest quality outdoor safety boots available and back premium products with premium service. It worked. However you cannot write a cheque made payable to “credibility”. It has to be earned and as Tue Mantoni, former CEO of Triumph Motorcycles, said – “it’s worth remembering how long it takes to be an overnight success”.

Buckler Boots was formed in 1998 and since then, by adhering to these original principles, the company has gone on to carve out a special place in the market. The products are  backed by a unique “Body and Sole Together Forever“ guarantee and are renowned for their strength, comfort and durability whilst bringing new ideas and product developments to the premium safety boot sector. Prominent amongst these is the Buckbootz neoprene/ rubber safety wellington which has gone on to become the No.1 product of its type in Europe.

Buckler Boots Category

Buckler Boots Category

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