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Our Robotic Mower brands

We have chosen to offer Husqvarna Automower, Stihl iMow and Honda Miimo robotic mowers. We have looked for brands that offer a high quality machine with a proven track record. We look for reliability, excellent results and within each range offers something to suit every budget. We want to deal with companies that offer the […]

Robotic Mower Installation – What Happens

We can install your robotic mower for you, or you can purchase an installation kit and do it yourself.  You will need to install both the docking station and the perimeter wire. Here is a run through of what is involved to help you make a decision. It is really important to take your time […]

How do robotic mowers work?

Robotic lawnmowers are actually not a new idea and they first came to market about 20 years ago. The early versions were solar powered, and the next generation followed a guide wire to enable them to mow a larger area. Their big advantage is convenience. They can be left outside during the mowing season and can […]

Benefits of robotic mowers

Convenience Once installed, your robotic lawn mower will cut your grass automatically, without requiring any intervention from you unless you wish to change the cutting schedule or settings. During the mowing season virtually no maintenance is needed. There are no batteries to charge as your robotic mower will take itself back to its dock when […]

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